One last poem,
Before you go home:

24 Americans crossed the pond with London as their destination,
And embarked on a week of exploration and investigation,
Travelling by tube and train, bus and boat, without hesitation.

A lawyer led us through the inns of court,
where complex legal battles were fought.

At the British Museum, we saw the Rosetta Stone, and the Parthenon frieze,
But all those tourists, less of a squeeze, if you please!

Westminster Abbey's royal tombs, and soaring Gothic architecture, so appealing,
Intrigued us, especially the Chapel of Henry VII's gravity-defying ceiling.

An audio guide told us about Parliament's history,
Revealing a bit of British government's mystery.

I believe there was neither debate nor contention,
High tea is a wonderful gastronomic invention!

An early departure for the Cotswolds was worth giving up a little sleep,
Cottages with thatched roofs charm; ignore the difficult upkeep.

Oxford--and Cambridge--offer the highest quality education,
Perfect for students with serious academic dedication.

At the Globe Theatre we could imagine ourselves back in Shakespeare's day,
As groundlings, hanging on every word his actors would say,
In his ever so clever, insightful, enduring plays.

St. Paul's Cathedral, a classicizing Baroque jewel,
The result of the Great Fire,
That required,
Compulsory urban renewal.

We toured lovely Richmond, with which few suburbs compare,
And, except for the price, we would all like real estate there.

At Hampton Court, we were able to surmise,
That Cardinal Wolsey's ego led to the palace's size,
But ultimately became Henry VIII's prize.

The Victoria & Albert, I would opine,
Is the world's premier museum of decoration and design.

And now, Mick Plewman, our Tour Director, extraordinaire,
With whom no other can compare,

Even in the London Tube, he never lost one of us,
As we mastered our Oyster Cards with minimal fuss,

Tho I suspect there were times, I think it is safe to say,
When he would have preferred to trade some of us for other tourists found along the way.

So then, please join me, raise your glass in a toast,
To the Tour Director with the most!