Spring semester 2018: Fulbright Scholar Award, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, Graduate School of Art History, Visiting Professor.
              Courses taught: Aspects of American Art; Great American Masters.
Fall semester 2012: Fulbright Senior Scholar, European University, St. Petersburg, Russia, Graduate School of Art History, Visiting Professor.
              Course taught: Aspects of American Art (integrated with Russian art).
9/86-present: Pace University, Pleasantville, NY.
             9/04-present: Distinguished Professor of Art History.
             1/14-6/15: University Director of Scholarly Initiatives.
             9/98-7/12: Director of the Pforzheimer Honors College, serving approximately 320 students (previously Honors Program, 71 students), providing an enhanced educational and cultural experience for the most able students in the five undergraduate colleges of the University.
             1/97-9/97: Acting Chair, Department of Fine Arts.
             9/94: Full Professor with tenure      
             9/91: Associate Professor
             9/88: Assistant Professor
             9/86: Adjunct Professor
             9/86-present: Courses taught: two-semester survey of History of Art (Honors); Introduction to Art (Honors); Ancient Greek and Roman Art; Art of the Middle Ages (Honors); Secular Art and Environment in the Middle Ages; Italian Renaissance Art (Honors); Northern Renaissance Art; History of Architecture; Re-Painting History: Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci (Honors, interdisciplinary, combining art history and studio practice); Art and Literature of Early England (Honors, interdisciplinary, including trip to England); Art and Literature of France (Honors, interdisciplinary, including trip to France); French Art: From the Middle Ages to Modern Times (Honors, Learning Community); Antiquity through the Middle Ages in Art and History (Honors Learning Community); History and Philosophy of Art (Honors, Learning Community).
7/86-1/12:  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.
3/88-5/11: Department of Concerts and Lectures, Contractual Lecturer for fall and spring season subscription lecture series.
              7/86-7/89: The Cloisters and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, Gallery Lecturer.
9/82-12/85: University of Maryland/European Division (American Embassy, Paris). Instructor, Art History.
Courses taught: Romanesque Art; Gothic Art; Italian Renaissance Art; Northern Renaissance Art. Each course included lectures at museums, churches, châteaux, and monuments in Western Europe.
1/77-6/78, 9/71-8/72: Massachusetts State Colleges at Bridgewater and Framingham, MA. Lecturer to Assistant Professor, Fine Arts.  
Courses taught: Introduction to Art; Fundamentals of Art; Art and Social Values (primarily graphics).
9/77-1/78, summer 1976: DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA. Lecturer.
Courses taught: Ancient Art; Aesthetic Principles.
9/73-6/75: Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA. Instructor, Fine Arts.
Courses taught: Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Art; Art since the Renaissance.
9/70-8/71: University of MassachusettsBoston, MA. Instructor, Fine Arts.
Courses taught: Language of Art; two-semester survey of History of Art.
1/69-8/70: University of Virginia, Northern Virginia Center. Instructor, Fine Arts.
Courses taught: two-semester survey of History of Art; Visiting the Galleries (combination of lectures and trips to museums and galleries in Washington, DC, and vicinity).
9/69-6/70: George Washington University, Washington, DC. Lecturer, Fine Arts.
Courses taught: two-semester survey of History of Art.
4/68-5/69: National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
Department of Education, Museum Curator.